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For all you gourmets out there, choose one of the restaurants which have special arrangements with us. Delicious, I give you my word!

Ristorante “Da Quintilio”

Strada località Calabona, grotte di costa Alghero (SS)
mobile +39 330 258608
mobile +39 329 1260714

20% discount

Serves appetizers and main dishes of grilled meat or fish, desserts, no first courses An elegant, refined and original restaurant, but at the same time with a homely feel, where I have celebrated two wedding anniversaries amongst other things.
Truly fantastic, in an enchanting position overlooking the sea, where you can dine accompanied by a glass of good wine, and enjoy the light of the sunset merging on the horizon with the outline of Capo Caccia.
As well as being a pleasant and helpful host, Michele Quintilio is also a grill specialist: he uses only the freshest local fish and locally sourced meat to provide a cuisine that focuses on bringing out the quality of the basic ingredients and not on complicated flavour combinations, which can give unlikely results. This is his way of cooking and he is proud of it.
Check out the reviews on Tripadvisor.

Ristorante Pizzeria “Il Paguro”

Via Zara 13
Fertilia – Alghero (SS)
Tel. +39 079 930260

10% discount

Delicious first and main courses based on fish and seafood, excellent pizza cooked in a wood oven, delightful outside garden. Paolo and his family run this restaurant with care, kindness and courtesy. The restaurant is within easy reach (about 500 metres away) taking a healthy stroll along the seafront.

“Agriturismo Barbagia”

Regione Fighera 26, Zona Aeroporto Civile
Fertilia – Alghero (SS)
Tel. +39 079.935.141
mobile + 39 347.86.33.577

10% discount

If you want to take advantage of the fact that you are by the sea to eat some good fish, don't miss out on trying the “Agriturismo Barbagia” where you can find good Sardinian cuisine which I can assure you is truly superb. Typical Sardinian dishes, prepared in the traditional way with meat from their own bred livestock, seasonal vegetables and fruit from their own gardens and orchards. Appetizers of cold meats, cheese and vegetables, homemade pasta such as “ravioli Barbagia”, and “Malloreddos” with sausage sauce, “Culurgiones” of cheese with a sprinkling of mint, and the famous “Frattau” bread, typical of Nuoro. Excellent hog roast, cooked in the traditional Sardinian way in wood ovens, tasty sausages cooked on the spit, roast veal and lamb with wild fennel or thyme. To finish, the famous typical Sardinian sweet, “Sevadas”.

Buon appetito!