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Boat Trips

If you've got to this page, it's because you are interested in exploring this beautiful coastline from the sea. I can guarantee that as a sea-lover myself, it's really worth it. I can recommend two great trips, one on board the “Andrea Padre” and the other under the sails of “Andrea Jenson”. The photos you can see on the pages of our website speak for themselves. We strongly advise booking ahead by e-mail or phone, otherwise you can turn up as our guests with our business card. This allows you to take advantage of discounts reserved for our customers.

Andrea Jensen

Trips for small groups on board the “Andrea Jensen”, an old wooden fishing boat with sails dating back to 1939: a fantastic experience.

Here are some details from their website and some photos taken during one of our trips together:

“Our day trips appeal to all ages, including small children and teenagers.We are the only boat trip in Alghero offering a day on a traditional sailing boat.
Full day trip (10:00pm - 5:30pm).
Unlike most boats we specialise in small groups enabling us to give you personal attention and leaving plenty of space for you to stretch out and relax.
Sail around the spectacular coast and cliffs of the marine reserve of Capo Caccia.
A good chance of seeing dolphins close to the boat.
Anchor in clear, calm bays for swimming and snorkelling.
Relax and enjoy our freshly prepared lunch and sample fine local wines. We take care in sourcing local fresh produce and we can cater for all dietary requirements.
Return to Alghero under sail (wind permitting!)”

Have a good trip!

10% discount on the prices published on their web site
Adults: 85.00 € instead of 95.00 €
Children: 42.00 € instead of 47.00 €

Nautisub, Alghero diving centre

Scuba-diving and boat trips

Boat trips on board the steamboat “Andrea Padre”, with Enea and Andrea, from 10:00am until 6:00pm with full lunch on board.

Here is a full description and some photos of the splendid trip from their website:

“We leave every day at 10:00am aboard our motorboat, the “Andrea Padre””, from the Banchina Dogana, across from the old city walls and the Garibaldi tower, in the port of Alghero; sailing along the coast of the so-called Coral Riviera, passing by Capo Galera and Punta Giglio, we reach the promontory of Capo Caccia (the lighthouse is 186 metres high), where we see the beautiful set of steps known as the ‘Scalinata del Cabirol’ leading to Neptune’s Caves, with their sea-level entrance. Moving ahead, we catch sight of the spectacular Isola Foradada, with its enormous hollow section, the sunlight playfully glinting off it. The breathtakingly eroded Cala d’Inferno marks the farthest point of our journey. Returning past the belvedere of Capo Caccia, we enter into the Bay of Portoconte, where – having taken in the Madonnina del Fruntuni, we make our first stop: Torre del Bollo, at around 12:00pm.
Here you can dive into the sun-kissed waters to your heart’s content, or indulge in some snorkelling (with mask, snorkel and flippers) amid the beautiful fish of the wonderful Parco di Portoconte and the Protected Marine Area.
At 1:00pm, you will be served up a delicious lunch of local cheeses and sausages as a starter, followed by pasta with fresh-crab sauce and cozze alla marinara (mussels), accompanied by water, local wine and coffee (if you require a non-fish or vegetarian menu, please let us know in advance).
In the afternoon, we depart for Cala Dragunara, Tramariglio and El Faro, before reaching Capo Boccato (at Punta Giglio), where we stop off for another hour. We then return to port at 6:00pm.”

Facilities on board: bathroom, indoor lounge, large sun deck, rental of scuba and snorkelling equipment.

Boat trip for groups averaging 30 people.
43,00 € instead of 45,00 €

Have a good trip!